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Self-care programs to beat stress, anxiety, and become the best you.
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An emotional wellness app to take care of your mental health and become your best self
Audio and video programs that match your life.
Bite-size activities on how to manage stress, anxiety, improve yourself relationships, do better in school and work, build your self-esteem and more.
A vibrant community that has your back
Have a daily check-in and receive daily support from other users across the world
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Create your own self-care packages that you can organize and use in order to replay your favorite messages and incorporate them into your daily routine.

Our Programs

Here's a glimpse of what type of programs you can expect in our app

Eating Disorders

Gender Identity + LGBT

Pressure from parents

Relationships and Dating

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety around future

You deserve to feel loved and supported

I'm Here & Care was started after I dealt with a deep, dark depression that I almost didn't make it out of.

After receiving a comment from a girl on the verge of ending her life, I started a support line to help people with their problems which eventually evolved into the app it is today.

We know the negative effects of stress, pressure and anxiety firsthand and how devastating it can be in your daily life.

It is our mission to make emotional wellness accessible and engaging to everyone because now it is more important than ever.

Join the family and we promise to help you feel and become your best self.

You have a purpose and you are not alone.

Rohit Tigga

Founder, I’m Here & Care